Why Are Companies Failing At Customer Care?

Running a company is a tough job. Companies want to guarantee their customers happiness and want them to come back again and again. The only way to do this is by offering an excellent customer service. Every year a company’s one of the vital resolutions include delivering quality customer services. Unfortunately, they fail to do so as delivering great customer service doesn’t happen by chance. It is a dream of every organization to deliver excellent service to its customers.

Here are 5 reasons why companies fail to deliver good customer service.

Wrong Hiring For The Job


Young employee working with a headset and accompanied by her team

While hiring employees, certain things need to be kept in mind. There must be an equilibrium in the employee’s skill set. Testing how much the employee would engage himself in the company’s values, mission and culture are necessary. Hiring the correct employee is not just having competence or skill. But it should be about having some right attitude, personality, and talent in handling customer service job.

Shortcomings In Training Of The Employee

Every employee needs to be trained to cover every aspect of delivering a quality customer service. Something that gets missed out during the training process is making the employees aware of the missions and values. Companies also fail to convey to them about the company’s definition and the importance of customer service. Sometimes it is like the company doesn’t even take initiatives to train each and every employee. They don’t spend money, time and effort to train them in developing soft skills of customer service. Everyone needs to know what their roles are. As these employees act as representatives of the company are required to be trained.

Companies Focusing On Profits Rather Than Customer service

Sometimes companies don’t take their customers seriously. They think delivering good customer service needs no attention and efforts. It would happen on its own. They mainly focus on producing quality products; it’s pricing and the profit that follows it. They think that their products are good enough to attract customers. This is where they make a huge mistake. Putting the money over the customer can help the company to get the sale. But by putting the customers over the money can not only help to get long term sale but will also help in building a long-term and loyal customer relationship.

Having A False Notion About The Customer Service They Are Providing

Sometimes a company has a wrong notion about the quality of customer service they are providing. They think that the service they are providing is of much higher level than what the customers think. They are over confident about delivering the customer service. They should have surveys and feedbacks from the customers about the service provided and their expectations.

Not Defining The Company’s Service Vision Or Initiative

All companies are different, they deal with different things, but it is important for every company to have a clear definition of what customer service means to the company. So that the employees can follow it word for word. This is where the companies fail. They provide long paragraphs or even pages defining the vision of their company. But it should not be like that; it should be just a simple line so that the employees can memorize it by their heart.

As we are aware of the old saying”Failures are the pillars of success”, so it is never late. Therefore, companies should try to find out the loopholes in delivering a good customer service and try to mend the faults.

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